Saturday, December 8, 2007

Up, Up, and Away...

Posted by Joseph

The big news of the day is that with a 36 hour rush of support, the Ron Paul Blimp is go for takeoff. There were some doubts after the slow financial start and the speculation of false pledges, but as usual, Ron Paul supporters rallied and came through in the clutch. Without lifting a foot off the ground, the blimp has already started to generate a buzz, with lengthy articles from ABC News and the Washington Post, and more from Reuters, the Boston Globe, Politico, USA Daily, and Associated Content The blimp will launch from North Carolina on Dec. 10 and travel to Washington DC and New York, before flying over Boston on December 16th for the Mega Money Bomb Boston Tea Party. From there it is expected to spend the next three weeks flying over New Hampshire. To do so though, will require another $175,000 in donations by December 21st.

In other Ron Paul news today...

- Recent news has demonstrated why Ron Paul is the only candidate that has the intellegence and foresight to understand the problems facing our country. This week alone, he was was proven right about Iran, reckless abuse of taxpayer money to fund an unconstitutional war, and the consequences of economic intervention via the federal government.

- Thanks to lots of supporter emails, John Stossel of ABC is doing an interview series with Ron Paul.

- Good articles on Ron Paul's fundraising prowess and ability to bring together a diverse group of people in the name of freedom.

- Ron Paul gives John McCain a history lesson.

- Why Ron Paul could surprise in Iowa.

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