Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Dr. Paul is in town!!

Dr Paul is in town, this makes our full time jobs double overtime, and we could never be more excited or tired. I have to roll out of NH tomorrow for christmas with my daughter, olivia but don't worry ill be working from missouri and laura will be here so volunteers will still be coordinated :)

He went to portsmouth late this morning to have lunch with his family and then greet businesses and residents, we put signs all up and down the highway with signs which were removed by the NHDOT at 3pm (after Ron Saw them)even though the STATE TROOPERS had given us permission to have them on the highway til 5pm... a meetup member snapped this for us

so then we went had a sign wave just down from where ron was and told people where he was so they could hear him speak. Next we headed to Concord HQ to help with phone banking calling people to invite them to hear him speak over the next few days
putting signs together, etc

Ron paul had just left on his way to Franklin Pierce Law School to have a Presidential Forum, in which all candidates were invited, only 2 excepted, Dr. Paul, and Mike Gravel, who canceled at the last minute, so Dr Paul spoke about the cons of executive power and then had a Q and A with the audience, it was great, and as always he did SO AWESOME, man that guy is a genius!!! so here are a few pics

the event

me getting jays christmas present ready :)

matt (AZ OLFD volunteer) and Dr. Paul

a view of the crowd

trying to mess up curtis's picture taking

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