Monday, December 31, 2007

Breakfast with Ronny

People in New Hampshire take their politics seriously. They have come to expect that candidates from each party will visit and speak with them directly. It's not uncommon to run into a Presidential candidate in a bookstore or a coffee shop.

One of the regular stops for all Presidential candidates in New Hampshire is the Red Arrow, a small diner in downtown Manchester. A few days ago Ron Paul showed up to the Red Arrow for a breakfast coffee and some toast. The story is written up in the Concord Monitor.

After Ron finished breakfast he came out to speak with a group of his supporters who had gathered outside the diner. The coolest moment for me was when he saw me and said "I remember you!". He spent a few minutes asking me questions about how Operation Live Free or Die was going, how many volunteers we had in the state, and how citizens of New Hampshire were receiving his message of freedom, peace and prosperity. I told him that most people in New Hampshire were still undecided, because of their spirit of independence, but that they were very receptive to the message. I also told him how all of our volunteers were carrying pocket Constitutions and were explaining to voters that "this is Ron's platform". The press (who were also gathered outside with us) really loved that.

The Union Leader also wrote about my experience hamming it up with Ronny outside the Red Arrow.

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