Sunday, December 2, 2007

Thawing out cold feet

If you were to ask me what I find most unpleasant on a day-to-day basis (tyrannical megalomaniacs and ignorant masses aside), cold weather and talking to strangers would definitely top my list. In the warmth and seclusion of my North Carolina home several weeks ago, knocking on doors for a week in New Hampshire in the middle of winter seemed like a good idea. But then, yesterday, I started to get cold feet, so to speak. And I thought, “maybe they won’t notice if I just don’t show up.”

But then I came to my senses. What could be more exciting than not only being a direct part of helping Ron Paul win New Hampshire, but being there when he wins, surrounded by hundreds of other Ron Paul supporters from all over the country? It’s going to be monumental!

I’ve already gotten my lodging worked out and I’m getting my travel arrangements squared away. The Operation Live Free or Die forum has been extremely helpful. If you don’t yet know how to get yourself to New Hampshire, or what to do when you get there, I highly recommend using the forum.

I’ll see you all the week before the primary, as promised!


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