Tuesday, January 1, 2008

They risk their lives for us, we give our time and energy for them

I just flew into New Hampshire late last night, where I was greeted quite warmly by a huge group of Ron Paul supporters, celebrating the New Year at Murphy's Tap Room.

On my flight, I had the pleasure of sitting next to an Army reservist, who was on his way home to visit his wife for 15 days after being in Iraq for 8 months. Then, he goes back for another 4 months. He hopes this is his last tour, but he isn't sure. He had just finished another 12-month tour, when he was sent right back out again. He said there is a limit for the Reserves. You aren't supposed to have to tour for more than 2 years in any 5 year period, but he didn't seem convinced that he wouldn't be called again anyway. He was a very upbeat, kind man. He wanted to start his life, but felt like everything was on hold. "But I guess, in the end, it's worth it, right?"

We chatted for a while and then the discussion turned to the primary. He said he doesn't like to talk about politics but he thinks he will have to vote for a Democrat this time. "I'm not very happy with my Commander-in-Chief," he said. He wants a big change in Washington and he doesn't want the U.S. military jumping from country to country over there trying to fix everything.

I told him I was supporting Ron Paul who will end the war and will definitely bring a huge change to Washington. I know he was more interested in spending time with his wife than researching political candidates, but I hope he looks into Ron Paul.

It seems like no matter who I meet, and no matter who those people are voting for, when I hear what is important to them, it's clear that Ron Paul will deliver the America they are looking for. We just need to keep getting the word out.


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