Saturday, January 19, 2008

It's not who votes that counts; it's who counts the votes

Taking Stalin's epigram to heart, I decided to volunteer to oversee the caucus vote in one of Clark County's districts.

The vote was, at least in my district, done in a completely open manner. The Republican party volunteer handling the vote count had people from each campaign sit around a table and directly observe each ballot as it was counted for each precinct. Any discrepancies between counts for each precinct resulted in a recount that everyone was able to observe. We each tallied the precincts to arrive at a final total for the district.

Here are the total votes for my district:

Romney: 184
Paul: 104
McCain: 70
Huckabee: 38
Thompson 34
Giuliani: 31
Hunter: 8

Speaking with other Paul volunteers across Clark county reflected that we had a strong second place in a number of large districts. Based on my observations I'd be very surprised if we don't place second in Nevada.

The Revolution grows stronger every day.

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