Saturday, January 12, 2008

Thank you from New Hampshire!

I'm so sorry it has taken me so long to get around to saying thank you. After the celebration at the Marriott, I drove over to the OLFD house party in Rye, NH to thank those folks personally. I left there at 4 AM, and drove to the airport for a flight out to Reno, NV on business. I got a few hours of sleep on the flight, then showed up at a conference and immediately started working with clients all day. I finally got to pass out later that night, then back to the conference in the morning. But I know I am not the only one to have several sleepless nights like this. The dust has finally settled, and I wanted to pass on my deep appreciation to all those involved in the Ron Paul campaign in New Hampshire.

The sacrifices made by folks in NH and around the country have been immense. The sleepless nights, lost pay, financial contributions, quitting jobs, time away from family, etc, etc. These sacrifices have paid off immensely already. We crushed Giuliani in Iowa, and Thompson in New Hampshire. Giuliani spent a ton of money and time in New Hampshire, and could not pull significantly ahead of Dr Paul. We made Fox news look like fools for excluding Dr Paul, and now he is invited to the Fox debates in South Carolina. New Hampshire was only one of many battles for freedom to come. While not the outright victory we hoped it would be, we certainly did some serious damage. The next battle is in South Carolina, where I grew up. And with grassroots support well established across the country, super Tuesday could be very "interesting". You folks in super Tuesday states could really have a huge impact, since voter turnout in those states is usually low, and campaigns are generally not active.

The number of supporters we got in for this is frankly astonishing. We must have had the most supporters of any campaign. On Monday we sent hundreds of folks out across the state to knock on the door of every known supporter. We had 30 people phone banking all day. And then when I walked through downtown Manchester, we had a huge group protesting the Fox Forum!!! Ron Paul supporters were EVERYWHERE. I would estimate that Operation Live Free or Die had up to 300 people at the end, and housed around 500 people total (as some came and left). Then we housed around 100 people with NH volunteers. And these are just the people we know about - I kept bumping into folks that just came up on their own. I think we definitely had 1,000 people in state working for the campaign near the end.

I also want to make sure that we thank the N.H. campaign staff, with whom I got to work very closely. There are so many things that they did behind the scenes that they can never talk about, and will never get credit for.

Tuesday night at the Marriott and then at the house party in Rye, I got to talk to a lot of folks about the future. The overwhelming majority of these folks are committed to continue the fight, not only for Dr. Paul, but for freedom in general. Many of the OLFD folks are headed to Nevada and South Carolina! I hope you will all make the same commitment to continue the fight for Dr. Paul and freedom. Please continue to be a member of our Meetup groups*. More details to come.

Finally, on behalf of everyone in New Hampshire who wants to restore our liberties: Thank you, thank you, thank you!

*Ron Paul's campaign is about more than just the man, it is also the message of freedom and liberty. Now that the NH campaign is over, I urge you to remain a member of your Meetups so we can continue the fight to restore our freedoms. Stay tuned for details coming out in the upcoming weeks and months.

In the meantime there are two organizations that I strongly urge you to join since they have exactly the same purpose that Dr Paul has - to restore our liberties. I am only talking about these two groups, despite the large number of groups to choose from because of how important I think they are.

The first is one that everyone across the country can join - DownsizeDC ( All the special interests have their own lobby groups, but this group's special interest is liberty! Once you sign up, it's only a minute or two a day with a few clicks of the mouse to lobby Congress on a range of issues that most of us would all agree on. If we can get all the folks that have joined the Ron Paul campaign to join, we can have a powerful voice in Congress that can shout down all the special interest groups.

The second is an organization to join if you are in New Hampshire or are considering coming to New Hampshire - the New Hampshire Liberty Alliance ( Again, this is a pro-freedom lobby group, like DownsizeDC. However, it also rates candidates based on how they vote for freedom by rating legislation. Even if you are out of state, you may consider checking out the New Hampshire Liberty Alliance, and trying to duplicate something like it in your state. I know the NHLA would be happy to help with that. These are the folks that got a ban on Real ID passed in New Hampshire! They are VERY effective.

The fight for freedom has just begun!

Jim Forsythe
HQNH Meetup Coordinator

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