Thursday, January 10, 2008

Once in a lifetime experience

After my first full night's sleep after 9 days in New Hampshire with Operation Live Free Or Die, I've had a chance to reflect on this once in a lifetime experience.

I can say quite honestly, that I have never enjoyed a group of people more than the supporters I lived with and volunteered with in New Hampshire. It is a reflection on the quality and intelligence of Ron Paul and his message of liberty, that he attracts such highly thoughtful, fun, clever, and generous people.

The fact that we were all working toward a common goal made the experience that much more meaningful. We are up against true tyranny in this country, but that didn't stop us from turning our struggle into one giant week-long party for liberty.

Thank you, Vijay, for having this vision for OLDF and following through on it to make it happen. You and Trevor (and surely many others) have shown what can be accomplished for this revolutionary movement if we focus and follow through on great ideas.

I feel honored to have been invited to participate and get to know you all. I highly recommend that others join in the upcoming similar efforts in Nevada and elsewhere. We don't get many chances to be in the midst of history in the making.



Vijay said...

Thank you Diana. I'm so glad you chose to join us, as many others did, and for all your efforts to free our Republic.

Cherish your freedom and defend it for others.

Will said...

you speak for all the volunteers there, couldn't have said it better