Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Plenty to do

Jay and I have been in New hampshire for 6 days now. We didn't know what to expect living in a house with 8 or 9 people, but theres a huge difference in living with 8 random people and living with 8 ron paul supporters. Especially RP supporters that have made the decision to travel halfway across the country. You have to have a certain mindset to do something like this. and as the old saying goes "great minds think alike" :) All of us get along great. we all have similar living styles, we work with each other making it work and it does.

Now we need more volunteers. There are a LOT more coming on the 1st and we certainly need them. We are canvassing almost every day and doing several events a week. We are having a lot of fun, and we are getting a great response.

you can read daily updates to what we are doing here


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