Sunday, November 25, 2007

Introducing the Operation Live Free or Die Blog

Hi, my name is Vijay and I'm the director of Operation Live Free or Die. I created this blog to provide a window onto the work being done by volunteers in New Hampshire to help ensure that Dr Ron Paul wins the nomination for President in that state.

In the coming weeks you will see posts from dedicated volunteers who have arrived in New Hampshire from every corner of our Republic to spread Dr Paul's message of freedom, peace and prosperity.

Everyday I'm humbled by the sacrifice that my fellow citizens are making to secure the blessing of liberty for themselves and their posterity. I look forward to sharing these experiences with all of Dr Paul's supporters around the country.

Love, Freedom, Peace and Prosperity to all.

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Allen said...


The FEC occupation reporting requirement is triggered, as you say on your donation page, at giving more than $200. Therefore, your advice on avoiding that disclosure is slightly incorrect. It should read, "...donate $200 or less..." rather than "donate less than $200".

The wording you have now will get you some number of $199 donations; the correct language will get you a slightly higher number of $200 donations (for donor-psychology reasons).